Halloween Show


As a trainer, all you can ask for is that things get better, instead of worse. This week at the Let’s Show Halloween Championship they did just that!

The week started out a little rough. Having three first-timers for a week-long rated show, there was a lot of calling in the barn for the first few days. Distracted horses meant a short drop to the ground for me on warm-up day, but luckily the new footing at the Murieta Equestrian Center meant that it didn’t put me out for more than an afternoon.

My hunter mare, Fiora, started out a little tense but ended the week with some of the best rides I’ve ever had on her. The Evans Handy Hunter course may have been the most fun I’ve ever had doing the hunters. It made me wish that our hunter derbies required more testing in the first round because we can really rock a trot jump!

Toffee came out with guns blazing and ran fast and clean all week in the .75m-.85m jumpers. Anneliese showed great improvement from her last outing over the summer and they ended the week with a fourth in the .75m $1000 Non-Pro Jumper Championship.

Wave was a star! His first time out at a rated competition and he ribboned in all but one of his .90m and .95m jumper classes. He also had to compete for the first time in the covered arena which unfortunately resulted in his only rail down the whole week. Wave also got a chance to play around in the Long Stirrup Division with Melanie to practice his equitation skills over smaller flowery fences and they both did very well. Here is some video of Wave in the jumpers.

Pascal brought all his baby-ness with him at the beginning of the week so I didn’t have a chance to show him in the hunters as I had hoped. But by the end of the week he had settled and he and Rebecca secured top ribbons in the Walk/Trot division. I’m looking forward to getting to show this kid soon!

Panda was a complete doll. We had two great rounds in the 2’ hunters (pesky lead changes are going on this winter!). Then Esther and Panda did quite well in the Crossrails division against a very large number of entrants including a second and two thirds. We brought home a few things to work on (including those changes!) but she should be looking good come showtime next year.

Kiva really had me going this week. I couldn’t get her around on Wednesday and that night she had a bout of mild colic (and I got to test out the bed in my new trailer). A visit from the (very nice) Dr. Runk helped sort out the dehydration issue and by Friday we were back in the ring. Saturday we had some ride-ability issues but Sunday we tried out a rubber snaffle and had one happy jumper back on our hands. It was unfortunate that we didn’t have the show that I was hoping for, but it did ended with an appointment to have her scoped for ulcers. I’ll keep you updated on what we find!

Last but not least, Anneliese’s dog, Similia, won Reserve Champion for her Halloween Costume!

A great big thanks to everyone who came out and supported and helped. Also a huge thanks to the Let’s Show show management for another great and fun show. The dog high jump, Halloween Costume Contest, and all the other fun events really makes this show something fun for the whole family! I’m already looking forward to this show next year and hopefully participating in the costume contest in full force!

Rainy weather on Saturday brought this rainbow out for a few minutes in the early morning.