Winter Reading Assignment

As winter draws near, riding will become dependent on the weather outside. Lack of saddle time doesn't mean lack of time to learn! In fact, studies have proven that if you imagine yourself doing an action, you can improve your skills without having to actually do it. Pretty cool!

Below are a few good resources to fill your time indoors. I welcome any questions!

Tonya Johnson explains in her book, Inside Your Ride, the benefits of imagination. Visualizing a course or skill can greatly improve your actual performance. Her book has a lot of other great mental exercises to get the most out of your limited saddle time. There are also some great stories from top riders to make you realize that everyone gets the jitters. It's helped me out a lot and I recommend you check it out!

Another great book to enjoy on rainy days is Geoff Teall on Riding Hunters, Jumpers and Equitation: Develop a Winning Style. He goes over many basics in riding with a light, funny, and easy to read style (I audited a clinic a few years back he did and he may be one of the funniest horsemen I've ever met). It's an easy read with a lot of great information.

And of course, we have to include Mr. Morris' Hunter Seat Equitation. This is more of a Holy Bible read than a fun book (although the section on bucking horses has a cute comment). This book is packed full of information but it's not for the light reader.

If reading isn't your thing, fear not (although I still do recommend Tonya Johnson's book). Bernie Traurig's website, Equestrian Coach, has hours of informative videos for all ages and levels.

So this winter don't let the rain wash away your skills. Pick up a book and get to work!