About Me

This questionnaire has been floating around the internet. I thought it would be fun to share a little more about myself and background. Here it goes!

1. Why did you start riding? I needed PE credits to get out of PE in middle school. I was doing ballet and needed one more hour of activity a week. My friend was riding so I thought I'd give it a try!

2. What was the name of the first horse you rode? My aunt's pony, Sugar, who took off with me. I remember my mom's and aunt's faces being terrified and I didn't know why! I get it now...

3. The horse that taught you the most? Any horse I've had for longer than a year has taught me a ton. This is a sport of life-long learning.

4. Scariest riding experience? When my mare bucked, reared, spun while rearing on her back legs, bucked and bucked, I fell off under her and was run over. She was in pain, it wasn't intentional.

5. Riding related pet peeve? Unfair punishment, feet through the stirrup, weak lower leg, bad hands...

6. Which discipline do you do? Hunter/Jumper and dabble in Dressage.

7. Showing or trail riding? BOTH!

8. Favourite breed of horse? One that does its job.

9. What does everyone need to know about horses? All horses kick, all horses bite.

10. Colourful or traditional tack? Traditional but a little splash of colour isn't bad occasionally. ;)

11. Goals for riding? To be the best that I can be; make a good living being honest and give horses jobs that make them and their owners happy. I'd love to be able to do the GPs at some point in the near future as well.

12. Most embarrassing moment? The first time I showed under Archie Cox and I walked in and cantered the wrong first fence and didn't realize it. I was mortified. He was incredibly kind and understanding.

13. What is the best part of riding right now? Blazing new paths on pretty ponies.

14. The worst habit a horse could have? Pawing and being behind the vertical.

15. Do you listen to music when you ride? No, I like to stay alert to my surroundings.

16. Are you a nervous rider? I'm a cautious rider on new, green horses but otherwise no.

17. If you knew you could, what would you change about the horse world? I would LOVE to see every horse microchipped and their birth date and medical records attached to the chip. It would save horses from misrepresentation and make it harder for horse traders to do their thing. I'd also like to get rid of reckless breeding practices.

18. Describe your perfect horse. Something small and spicy with a good heart and a lot of go! Probably a mare, maybe a stallion.

19. Worst ride ever? Every ride makes me better, especially the bad ones, so there's no such thing as a bad ride. ;)

20. Worst fall you've ever had? When I got boxed in between two horses on a cold, windy day and my horse took off bucking. I came off after a few and landed hard. She kept going, saddle slid under her belly, took the stirrups off with her back feet (why you leave the safety lock down), and made a full circle back to my crippled body on the ground. She then convinced another horse to leave the ring, stepped on a pipe and gashed her (polo wrapped) leg. I caught her and gathered all the tack, and got back on for a minute. A day later I went to the doctor and found out that I fractured three lumbar vertebrae. Whoops.

21. Most recent fall? Off a green horse in the warm up at a show.

22. Favourite riding outfit? Something comfortable but clean looking.

23. Are you going to have a career with horses? I think so...

24. Any training methods that you completely disagree with? Yes, but that's a conversation for another day. Excessive use of the crop drives me insane.

25. What is your grooming routine? Hooves, curry, brush, tack! Tail brushing left for special occasions and baths when needed.

26. Thoughts on riding without a helmet? You must not like yourself or your family very much...

27. Small or big horse? Small...big ones take too much muscle (but the jumps do look a lot smaller...)

28. What would you name your dream horse? It's bad luck to name them before you have them! I did name Fiora though (Bella Fiora).

29. Favourite color of horse? Bays and brindles!

30. For or against spurs, crops and artificial aids? Don't ride without spurs, like crops on most horses.

Video for your enjoyment