Two Shows, One Day

On Sunday, June 7th, we took seven trusty steeds to the Woodside Horse Park for the JK Presents Summer Challenge. We had a great time. I'm always impressed with how incredibly supportive and helpful all my riders are to one another; the parents are also so wonderfully supportive. It makes long days that start at 4am and end at 8pm entirely worth it.

It was a great learning experience for everyone and built upon our last trip out at Glenoaks. It was the first time out for Kingston and Comedy, and their riders did a great job getting them around. Nadeen and Finn had a huge learning experience and improved throughout the day. Amy and Toffee picked up a 3rd in the .70m Jumpers. Christina and Romeo took home Champion in the .70m and had a 6th in the .80m. Kathryn and Ana put down great rounds in the .80m and .90m for a 2nd, 2nd, and 6th place in large classes. Melanie and Fiora placed 4th in the 2' Hunters, 6th in the 2' Equitation, and 6th in the 2' Vintage Lane Medal.

When we got home, Lauren took Cloud in the schooling show held at Webb. She did the Jumper Classic and had a very nice and peaceful round.

Next stop, Almaden Farms!

Toffee and Amy in the .70m Jumpers. Photo by Maureen Dollente.

Toffee and Amy in the .70m Jumpers. Photo by Maureen Dollente.