JK Presents Schooling Day

The day started out as any other day show starts...with a dead truck. A 5:15am call to AAA had us back on track by 7:45am. Luckily all of the horses didn't go first-thing, and they're all turning into day-show pros with little to no prep, so we were able to get four of the six to the show by 9am.

The second trailer with the two big horses had a hiccup...the biggest one didn't want to get in. After an hour and a half, another boarder offered to drive him over in her slant load (of which he jumped right in). They all made it in time.

We opted to go for the schooling day, instead of the more traditional show day. I'm glad we did. Everyone had very good practice rounds and rode well. It was a long day but worth it.

Lauren and Cloud completed their first .90m class. Big improvement from January when getting down a 2' line was nearly impossible.

Anneliese and Allie had a few issues in the .90m but smoothed it out at the end.

Dorna and Bobby completed their first horse show in the trot poles and cross rails! Great start for things to come.

Amy and Toffee put in a good couple attempts in the .80-.85m, their first time at that level.

Nadeen and Delta did a great job at Delta's first show with us.

Aspie and I rode a couple great 2'9 hunter rounds and are ready to hit the big shows!

Aspie in the 2'9 hunters.