Menlo Charity Show

Having worked hard with Kingston all summer, Kathryn decided she wanted to show Kingston at the Menlo Charity Show before heading back to school. It's nice that it's so local and such a beautiful venue, I said sure why not!

I had the opportunity to show him in the 1.15m and the 1.20m Horse & Hound class. Both were extremely fun and thrilling, especially so since Kingston has come so far in the last few months. We had a tack malfunction at the end of the 1.15m (hackamore broke at the end). The Horse & Hound class was extremely fun and I was so grateful that so many people from Webb came out to watch!

Kathryn then rode him in the .90m and .95m with great success for the remainder of the week. They ribboned in every class, finishing with a fourth and second on classic day!

We had such a great time and look forward to more fun times with Kingston!