JK Presents Fall Festival and Medal Final

This is the second time in the winner's circle for my little homebred Bella Fiora.

This weekend we took Melanie and Fiora to the JK Presents Fall Festival to try to qualify for at least one of the two little medal finals. On Saturday, Melanie put down several excellent rounds, coming home with two blues and qualifying for the LEGIS League Mini Medal Final to start that afternoon.

I had to teach all day so in the afternoon, we hauled Fiora back to the Woodside Horse Park (count blessings we're so close!) for the first round of the medal final. She put in a good effort that left her sitting first after the first round.

We came back on Sunday and Melanie put down an even better round to leave her sitting first going into the work-off. She held onto her position and walked away with the best tri-colored ribbon money can buy, along with a very nice saddle pad, flowers, and a new jacket!

Big thanks to JK Training for putting on this event and to LEGIS for sponsoring fun opportunities for emerging riders.