Let's Show Fall Festival 2016

I've failed to pst about a few of the events we attended over the summer. As summers generally go, it was busy and fun. I was a little better about posting on Facebook (including pictures!).

Last week, we took three to the Fall Festival.

In Kate's first rated show, she rocked the little jumpers and ended Reserve Champion in the .80m Jumpers. Aria can be a little spooky and as the week went on, Kate rode better and Aria calmed down. They ended on a lovely .85m round on Sunday.

We recently passed the one year anniversary of welcoming Frenchie and the Dollente's into the family. It's been a rocky learning experience but Amy has grown exponentially as a rider in the last year. At the beginning of the summer, the .70m were a bit harrowing and Amy finished at this show in the .85m jumpers very nicely. It's nice to see when hard work pays off.

We haven't had the opportunity to show Aspie since summer so we started him in the 2'6" Hunters. After winning a Modified 2'9" Amateur Hunter round out of a large class, he continued to put down nice performances in the AA 3' hunters. He even dabbled a round in the jumpers where he had a little bit of a pleasant shock!

We did have a little excitement over the weekend when Amy had a miscommunication with Frenchie and they failed to agree on a take-off spot. Frenchie knocked down the whole jump. Amy expertly rode through his subsequent peace-out gallop without stirrups. The pair returned to jump the jump and the rest of the course very nicely. Amy's ability to stay calm under difficult circumstances is always impressive. Not to mention even though she's 5'2" she sticks like glue!