Why Webb?

Last week in preparation for the impending rainstorm, we opted to move Kingston from his paddock to a vacant one on higher ground. As we were moving him and all his effects, the stall's previous occupant, a teen girl, was doing the same. I watched her figure out how to move cumbersome mats, remove and add shelving, and just generally be self-sufficient about moving what needed to be moved, all at at dusk and never with a complaint. The task was a puzzle and an adventure and she utilized her friends for help.

At Webb, I've watched teen girls hitch trailers and load thousand pound animals and all of their things into trailers so they could go on a trail ride or travel to an event. I've witnessed girls and young adults problem solve with nothing but duct tape and bailing twine. I've seen team work and creativeness in solving problems. I've observed organic mentorship that breeds confidence and inventiveness in young adults.

Webb provides a community that cuts across trainer loyalties and differing disciplines. Failures and successes are often felt by those who don't share the same instructor. We talk and witness different disciplines daily and questions are always encouraged. Compliments are not kept secret from anyone and hard work is always acknowledged.

So while your car may never be clean nor properly aligned ever again and sometimes your child might come home with a rope burn or an injury, know that when you drop your child off at Webb, he or she is getting more than just a riding lesson. Your child is getting an experience of a lifetime - one that will help create a tenacious, creative, and self-sufficient individual. In my opinion, it's money and time very well spent.

Horses also instill a healthy sense of humor.

Horses also instill a healthy sense of humor.