So I Guess We Are Doing This New Thing Now

Kiva and I, along with some Webb friends, traveled down the 101 to Shepherd Ranch in Santa Ynez for an event last weekend. This was to be our second Training and our first time riding a course that we had never seen.

I was amazed by the course in two ways; first, there was a lot of terrain which we are not used to tackling; and second, I need to hike more often.

Kiva put in a lovely dressage test. We still have plenty to work on but she's come a long way from her "bouncy" test in April at Twin. We led the division after dressage.


I struggled with my pace on cross-country due to the winding course and hills. She gave me a little scare at fence four where she dropped her back end a little soon only to realize she hadn't cleared the jump and twisted her way over it. I was proud of her for being clever but terrified and almost pulled up. She cantered willingly away from the jump so I figured she was probably okay. The rest of the course went fairly smoothly, even conquering questions we'd never seen before.


I felt so rusty in our stadium round! It's been over a year since I've competed at any respectable level in the Hunter/Jumper shows and our stadium round definitely felt that way. I'm looking forward to getting her a little more fit so we can go back to our roots!


All-in-all, it was a beautiful and fun weekend. I think I'm starting to enjoy this eventing thing and Kiva seems to agree!