Schwarzer Sporthorses Service List 2018

It is our belief that owners should have a say when it comes to the training of their horses and children. We seek to provided guided training and education. Each program is designed to help best assist you and your horse in your education and to get the most out of your experience.

Monthly Training

Training packages are a combination of schooling rides and lessons depending on the need of the horse and rider. Includes feeding of supplements on schooling ride days, tacking and untacking on schooling ride days, and occasional face clipping and mane pulling as needed. Training Programs are month-to-month and require 30-days notice of change.

$900 – 20 days/month
$725 – 16 days/month
$575 – 12 days/month

Lessons and Lesson Packages (On Privately Owned Horses)

$80 – Private/Semi-Private Lesson (45 minutes)
$80 – Group Lesson (60 minutes)
$280 – Package of 4 Lessons*
$520 – Package of 8 Lessons*
*Lesson packages must be used within the month of purchase.

Leases (When Available)
Leases are not always available and rates may differ depending on the quality of the horse. Lessees are eligible for off-property activities such as clinics, trails, and horse shows. Leased horses can be ridden on the flat and have priority for lessons (no jumping without an instructor). Leases require a minimum month-to-month commitment with a thirty-day notice of cancellation. No exceptions.

$600-800/month* – Half-Lease on private horse (excludes lessons, includes 2 hacks per week)
Contact for Details* – Full-Lease on private horse (2-3 lessons per week and 3-4 hack rides)
*Must purchase monthly lesson packages or be in a training program.

Boarding (at Webb Ranch)

Jasper Barn: $790
Alpine Barn: $775
Webb Paddock: $650
Alpine Pasture: $530
Flat Pasture: $450
Front Pasture: $440
(The charge for grass hay is $30/flake/month.)

Trailer Parking:
Trailer 20' or less $50
Trailer 20' or less (year payment - 10% discount) $540
Trailer 20' + $80
Trailer 20' + (year payment - 10% discount) $864
Vehicle $50
Vehicle (year payment - 10% discount) $540

Additional Services

$15 – Turnout (up to 30 minutes)
$15 – Handwalk (up to 30 minutes)
$30 – Schooling Lunge (up to 30 minutes)
$50 – Training Ride (up to 45 minutes)
$40 – Vacation Care (short-term care; for horses in training, guarantees horse is worked and fed on non-schooling days).

Grooming & Blanketing Services

$150 – Bodyclipping
$25 – Mane Pulling
$15 – Face Trimming
$50 – Blanketing (subcontracted)

Horse Acquisition and Sales

Includes trying and preliminary inspection of horse. Excludes travel expenses.
$50 – Local trips under two hours
$100 – Local trips between two and five hours
TBD – Trips exceeding five hours to be determined

15% Commission on horses under $10,000
10% Commission on horses over $10,000

$500 – For purchases between $1 and $5,000
$1,000 – For purchases between $5,001 and $10,000
$1,500 – For purchases between $10,001 and $15,000
10% Commission – For purchases above $15,000


Subcontracted - Contact for Rates

Horse Show Budgeting Worksheet

Below is a cost breakdown for away/rated Hunter/Jumper shows. There are many benefits to attending rated shows, including but not limited to, expanding your knowledge base, testing your skills against a national standard, developing a show record for your horse (like a resume), learning how to perform, and above all, to have some fun with your horse! Entries are typically due two to three weeks prior to the horse show to avoid late fees and the potential of there being no available stalls at the horse show.

Horse Transport
Contact for Estimated Rates.

Training/Day Care
Your trainer manages every detail of a horse and rider’s schedule, entries, workload, coaching, and ringside preparation as well as the support staffing and equipment, feed, cleaning, etc.

$50 per day for horses in training
$65 per day for horses not in training
$50 per day for child care between ages 12 and 16

Grooming includes stall mucking, feeding, watering, bathing, tacking, untacking, wrapping, etc.
*Grooming is optional if you wish to do it yourself. I recommend students new to showing go for the grooming option for at least their first show. This ensures horses are properly groomed and cared for, and students make it to the arena on time and properly turned out. Please let me know beforehand if you are grooming yourself.

$50 per day the horse is at the show (usually 6 days) & a gratuity of an extra day is customary.


Braiding – $50-$75 per day of showing (horses showing in rated hunters or equitation)
Medications – $10-$15 per day (varies by horse)
Set Up Fee – $50 per show (covers moving equipment and setting up stalls)
Trainer Travel/Hotel – Split equally between clients ($15/day for shows where trainer stays with family)
Memberships - $100-$200 per year (USEF, USHJA, and PCHA for riders showing in three or more rated shows)

Show Entries at Hunter/Jumper Shows

Classes – $150-$600 per show (see Prize List for exact costs)
Day Stalls – $50-$75 (day shows)
Week Stalls – $150-$250 per week
Trainer Splits – $100-$300 per week (shared cost of grooming/tack stalls, horse feed & bedding)
Office/Association Fees – $50-$100 per week